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Fun Post

Decided to do a fun post. I mainly got this idea from bunnynumber13 . She's pretty awesome with her pairings so I decided to do my own as well. This entry is just for Television Pairings. I'll post another with Novel Pairings and Movie Pairings eventually of course. =] Feel free to comment on my nerdiness or tell me your own! You never know, we could have something in common.


David and Wendy.
The crime lab will never be the same in my opinion. David and Wendy from CSI Las Vegas. Really, they're so cute. You can't get over his huge crush for her and she's completely oblivious to his love half the time. Its incredibly beautiful the way those two have chemistry and though most CSI romances dont last I really hope this one does.


Effy and Freddie

Effy and Freddie from Skins. Its a UK drama show that I am shamelessly addicted to. I have no problem admiting it. I'll tell you the truth, I never saw them actually as a couple until it happened. Effy is my favorite character on Skins and Freddie is just-- -drools- very adorable. Haha, though I do ship Effy and Cookie too I much rather have her and Freddie.


Damon and Elena.
Okay so they're NOT cannon but they're totally hot. Vampire Diaries is the story of one girl torn between two vampire brothers and their love for her. Of course Damon doesn't REALLY love Elena he loves to play with her, and torture his brother with what he can't have. Damon was always my favorite in the classic book series and he's already my favorite once more with the show now on the CW. Though Nina Dobrev is nothing like the Elena I pictured in the books, she's doing pretty well on screen. Lets hope this show stays for a while.


Dean Winchester & Jo Harvelle
How could you not? After the Season 5 episode "Abandon All Hope" who didn't cry when Dean kissed Jo and then left her? Not to mention she saved his life in return giving up her own and to save them all she waited dying with her hand on the button of the home made bomb, she of course passed away before she could kill the hell hounds but her Mother joined her in death blowing the Hell Hounds away in revenge for her Daughter's death. Jo/Dean of course was the sweetest pairing to come from that show aside from Sam and his girlfriend in Season 1.


Cal and Chloe
From the insanely addictive show, Harper's Island comes the sweetest pairing of them all. Cal and Chloe really grew on me. At first I hated them both and then somewhere between Episode 11-13, I fell in love. Of course their death was the most memorable (aside from Trish's) it was only poetic justice they died together-- or as close as together comes. Chloe's choice to let go of the ledge was nothing but pure love for Cal. It was really a moment that made me adore the pairing.


Henry and Trish
Another pairing from Harper's Island, I loved Trish from the first episode I saw her. She was incredibly likeable to me I guess, I know alot of people hate on her but I think she was more relateable to than the other girls. Anyways, I never thought Henry would do such a thing to her in the episode before the last, Trish is running in the woods to get away from the old man and she runs flat in to Henry hugging him and thanking god as she tells him they need to leave. Henry then hugs her and tells her his secret of killing before stabbing her in the side with a knife. He holds on to her as she falls and pets her hair-- I really love this pairing despite what he did to her. I think I'm just a masochist though for tragedy.


Another UK show I watch constantly would be that of Doctor Who. Yes, yes everyone in the world just about knows that show but not everyone agrees with me here. Rose was my favorite companion aside from Martha who is almost as sweet in my opnion though I will never forget the look on Ten's face when Rose had to leave. It was so heartbreaking and loveable. I have not seen the reunion yet, please no one spoil it for me. I do really want to see it, and the new doctor with his companion. I hope they carry on a true Sci-Fi/Universe loving legacy.


The Syfy channel's mini-series in 2009 of Alice, had a new take on Wonderland. It was dark, twisted and delightful. I absolutely fell in love with it the moment Alice fell through the Looking Glass, and then when Hatter came in to the picture I think girls across the world pretty much melted in their seats. How could you not love this fun pairing? Hatter is clearly in love with her after he meets her but Alice-- Alice is not very trusting nor does she even realize how much she needs him until about 10 minutes in to Part 2 of the series when he comes to rescue her. This pairing is truly cannon and yet adorable.


Sylar and Elle
Everyone knows Heroes most insane, unstoppable villain, Sylar and in season 2 they released a new group of evolved humans among them was the sociopathic electric woman, Elle. Now none of us saw in the end of Season 2 that in Season 3 the two would hit it off with a bang. After Sylar nearly splits open Elle's head, her powers go insane and she not only escapes from him but she grows to loathe him after he murdered her father. Going willingly to the company Pinehearst ended up with Elle in chains and being put on a silver platter for Sylar but he used his ability of Empathy to understand her need for revenge and hate for him. Somewhere in their time together hate turned to love and their little team up became epic. How does someone stop a serial killer and a walking electrical storm? You don't. This pairing was made of hate, love and personal forgiveness and they lasted a while too. In episode 8 we see in the future, Sylar has a son, in Episode 9, Sylar and Elle sleep together leading most people to believe Sylar's son in the future would be the product of episode 9. However in the end, their relationship could never go any further with two people who never trusted anyone else. Sylar believed Elle had lied to him, and laid her down on the sand of the dark beach and split open her head. The following morning we see him igniting her body on fire so she may not be revived.


Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse
Oh for the love of god they're hot! Lol, okay so not cannon once more (no one said anything about me being a cannon type of girl) , but in the book series Eric and Sookie have quite a trial of a love triangle, of course Bill Compton is the love of Sookie's life but we all cant love Bill. In season 2, Eric tricks Sookie in to drinking some of his blood which leads to her very hot dreams of him, not to mention Eric's feel for her emotions. How can you not find this pairing adorable? Eric's persistence for Sookie is what dreams are made of. Haha, though if Sookie doesnt want him... I'll take him.

So tomorrow starts.... a new life.

So we all make resolutions we can't keep for new years. Like weight loss and more exerciset etc. I'm however not making such a thing. Instead tomorrow marks day 1 of my new diet and exercise regiment. I already run around twice a week but I need to pick it up on top of everything or my dance coach is gonna kick me out of the class.

So wish me luck guys. Anyone wanna diet with me?


Gotta Love Alice.... More Icons

More Alice Icons from me, I have fallen in LOVE with Alice and Alice/Hatter.


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Wonder Mad. I've gone Wonder Mad.

So I fell in absolute love with Syfy's new Alice series. It was a two-part mini series that was absolutely amazing. Hatter and Alice were just too cute. I'm just head over in heels in love with them. Everyone who knows me outside of my journal life knows that I'm an Alice in Wonderland freak. I even plan on getting a few Wonderland tattoos as soon as my bf holds my hand. Haha! Anyways I have icons for share. Just make sure you credit me. If you don't know how to credit, just ask.

There are NO spoilers in these icons for the Alice series, this is all from episode 1.


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When the Beatles sang, 'All You Need Is Love' do you think they were talking about real life or just trying to be moronic jackasses?

Winter is here and I'm already sick and tired of freezing-- while I went through my computer I found some SUPER old writing. I'm not going to post any of it here just yet because it sucks to myself which I know, I am my own worst enemy but still, I have a feeling alot of you will be disappointed.

I'm going to get started on some graphics around and finding my old communities that I love oh-so much. Yep, like Syelle and VampireKnightFan etc. I hope most of them are still around.